Meet the Chefs


This blog, filled with bad bread puns and insights on life, was started by Erica and Allison in 2015 during our senior year of high school. Born and raised in California and New York respectively, we now both go to college in Texas, where we spend our time hiking, meditating, and teaching spin classes at the local gym.

Just kidding, neither of us actually gets out of bed each morning. Good thing we can blog from our laptops, or this website wouldn’t be here.

Posts are ideally published every Thursday in rotating order (Allison one week, Erica the next, etc.) But depending on the number of buy-one-get-one specials at the local mac ‘n cheese restaurant or the amount of chemistry exams in the coming weeks, the actual time between posts may vary. Sorry for the sporadicity. We’re working on our educations.




I’ve been told I have the social and emotional capacity of a squirrel.

I’m 19 and a sophomore civil engineering major at the University of Texas. I love Austin to death but I was born and raised in Los Angeles, which means it doesn’t matter if I’m at home or at school–I’m always complaining about how much I’m sweating.

Other things I constantly obsess over: my roommate’s fat cat, Jon Bellion’s music, and my roommate’s fat cat.


I work as a TA for an engineering design class and as a research assistant in an asphalt materials lab. If I’m not slaving over homework in the nearest library, I’m probably at a coffee shop drinking iced hazelnut lattes and writing.

I took karate for fourteen years and am now dabbling in college intramural sports that I don’t actually know how to play. Besides accidentally tripping my teammates in C-League soccer games, I also spend my time playing 2048 and browsing Spotify.


IMG_7209 (2).jpg

Sometimes I cry when I see really adorable photos of cats, which is not a great addition to a resumé, but I’m working with the skills I’ve been given.

I grew up in New York but I’m currently living in Texas for college. I’m heavily invested in pretending I’m going to move back to New York after undergrad, but I’m secretly in love with Austin and I’m destined to die in the Lone Star State. I’m a sophomore at Baylor University, conveniently located just north of Erica.

Version 2

I’m studying chemistry and math because I want to pursue a career in research, which means I’m the only non-premed student in all of my science classes and the only non-engineer in all of my math classes. I avoid studying for my courses by tutoring students in general chemistry. I currently mix chemicals in a beaker for fun and one day I want to mix chemicals in beakers for a living.

When I’m not talking about science, I enjoy watching Netflix, journaling about the things I should probably be telling a psychiatrist, obsessively refreshing my email, and eating cheese.



  1. I find myself troubled by the fact you named a website for my cousin Sourdough, as I, the superior fancy French bread, the Baguette, go ignored by the internet. I am currently writing this to you from a fancy French cafe table, scratching my crumby exterior, and hoping that you take responsibility for this mindless oversight, and make sure that the Baguette is at once highly regarded for its fancy French goodness.
    Thank you.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Well I forgive you – I’m currently with the supreme camel of France and we are discussing how to move forward in the journey to camels rights.
        Also, I’ve been drinking fancy French liquor and I just love this blog.
        Long live the bread of France. We are a better bread than everyone else. Whooooooooohooo


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