Happy Birthweek


DISCLAIMER: Every time I talk about Erica I sound helplessly in love with her, and I’ve just had to accept this. I apologize in advance for sounding like I’m ready to put a ring on Erica. I’m not. We’re just really good friends. (I would never marry someone who thinks Olive Garden is an acceptable form of Italian food).

Erica and I have known one another for less than a year, which is shocking, considering how much time we’ve committed to our friendship. We live thousands of miles away from one another and have only hung out in person three times, but I spend most of my class time texting her in between answering physics problems and scribbling down Latin notes. When we Skype, it usually turns into a two hour long conversation of laughing and coming up with ridiculous ideas about our future plans to see one another. Whenever we talk, I end up a little happier and a little less stressed than before. I know her better than some people I see on a regular basis. Something about living across the country has made us realize how special friendship truly is.

We started speaking two hundred and fifty five days ago because I couldn’t answer a question on our organic chemistry problem set so I messaged her on Instagram, hoping she could give me an answer, because I couldn’t fathom how benzene reacted with an organometallic ring.

But something about our personalities fell into perfect tandem nearly the minute we started talking. She understood my humor and her sarcasm perfectly complimented mine. She got on a plane few weeks after we started speaking and spent a week with my family. We ate mac and cheese, she went to the pet store with my brother, and she sat alone in a car while my step dad rambled on about hiking for nearly forty five minutes. So basically, she’s experienced the true nature of all my family has to offer yet she continues to speak to me, which shows both extreme loyalty and poor judgment on her part.

She’s the only person I’m okay with having an SAT score 10 points higher than mine. I’m not sure why God blessed me with her friendship, but I’m thankful every single day for it. (And even if I hated her, I can’t really get out of this friendship anymore. Our snapchat streak is 167% longer than Kim Kardashian’s marriage to Kris Humphries, and that’s not something you can just let die.) Happy Birthday, Erica. Enjoy your meal at Olive Garden.


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