A Movement Based In Fear, Not Fact.

I feel like the conservative here, which is funny, because I like to define myself as all things moderate, since I’m aware of my lack of knowledge on most political issues and don’t like to form opinions about things until I’m more fully aware of the topic at hand.

But, camels, my goodness, am I informed.

Erica is fear mongering. The camel herds are alive and well. Just a few weeks ago I saw three camels* in the span of two days, and I don’t even live in a densely camel populated area.

Camels are actually seeing a resurgence of population in the past week. Just yesterday a camel was born.

Please remember to read all the facts of an issue before making rash judgements and starting wars. I’m looking at you, Syria.

*camel count noninclusive of camel statues or other artistic renderings


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