A Demonstration of Homo Sapiens Privilege

Allison mentioned in her most recent post that she had seen three camels in the span of two days. I do not wish to dispute that claim, since I happened to be with her during those two days and see the same three camels. What I would like to dispute, however, is the fact that the camels were not oppressed.

Summer 2015 Part 2 181
Exhibit A: The two camels at the San Diego Zoo. Look at them. Battered, tired, bags under their eyes. They didn’t even have a sign at the exhibit with their names–a clear sign of inequality, as many of the other animals at the zoo had nameplates.

second half of Summer 2k15 Part 2 263
Exhibit B: The third camel, available for camel rides at the Farmer’s Market. This lovely animal’s coat used to be a shimmering honey color, but due to long hours of being forced to give rides to obnoxious children and teenagers (see picture above), stress has caused her coat to turn a paltry dirt brown.

The main point is: the camels she witnessed in her period of apparent “camel abundance” were all in oppression. Their only purposes in life were to act as entertainment. Camels deserve housing, a living wage, and decent healthcare, just like the rest of us. Allison doesn’t understand because she’s perched on her high horse (or rather in this case, camel), strutting around like the privileged homo sapiens she is. People like her are standing in the way of camels being able to achieve their true American dream.

Camels didn’t migrate from Africa etc. all the way to America just to be faced with more oppression. They came here to find that much talked-about American dream in a land where life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness are rights and not privileges. So let’s help them find their American dream.

Edit: Addressing Allison’s comment on camel population resurgence because a single camel was born yesterday, I would like to reply by saying that according to the statistic that a camel dies every 7 seconds*, even though one camel was born yesterday, 12,342.86 camels** have died since then.

*approximation, no sources
**approximation, but an advanced device (TI-84 Plus) was used for the calculation


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