A Defense of Camels: A Response to Allison’s Last Post

Did you know that one camel dies from mistreatment and malnutrition every 7 seconds*? Did you know that by the time you finish reading this sentence, another camel will have perished at the hands of cruel camel captors? Did you know that dromedary camels are extinct in the wild?

The only camels left are used for transportation and entertainment.

Camels are made fun of. Laughed at. Spit at. Unrepresented. I was in a zoo gift shop the other day with a friend, browsing for camel-related items, and we could find nothing. Absolutely nothing. It was like camels didn’t exist. Is it because camels smell bad**? Because they aren’t marketable? Because they aren’t conventionally beautiful?

This has to stop.

They deserve to be equal with the rest of the animal kingdom. This is the 21st century, for heaven’s sake. They deserve to be adored, like penguins and tigers and pandas. If you have even the smallest amount of compassion, fight for camels. Fight for their right to be represented. Fight for their right to be loved.

Fight, and never stop fighting.

*approximation, no sources
**it’s the 21st century, plug your nose and get over it


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